Makeup | Hair Styling | Body Painting

Meet Allison Pynn

Allison Pynn is an expert in the makeup industry. She styles makeup & hair for some of the world’s biggest entertainers, athletes & musicians, but her talent doesn’t stop there…she’s also a painter. Allison is an accomplished muralist & body painter. Her body painting work has been featured on the websites of Elle, Cosmopolitan, TeenVogue, Self & more!

Allison primarily works in TV/Video, Print, E-com, Editorial & events. Her work is extremely versatile from the “no makeup- makeup” for athletes to everyday soft/natural looks all the way to mega glam! On set, she’s a hard worker, down to earth, personable & always a team player!

A little more…

Allison grew up on a farm in rural Indiana. She ran around corn fields, digging up worms, but always wearing lip gloss 😉  She’s a self-taught makeup & hair artist, but her background is all in fine arts. She’s been drawing and painting since she was 3 yrs old with ambitions to be a Disney animator. As a young artist, she was commissioned to paint murals, works on canvas and continued to practice her love of makeup & hair on friends/family (she was that friend). In her early twenties, she decided to turn the art of makeup into a full time career and began collaborating with photographers & production companies. She joined networking groups & (with lots of hard work/prayer) finally became a full time freelance artist.

Allison has now been in the industry over 18 years & still carries the same passion she has from the beginning. In her time off, you can find her bodypainting for her Instagram, doing product research & drawing.

“Thanks for getting to know me, can’t wait to work with you soon!”