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(All makeup & hair styling on video by ALLISON PYNN)

Interview with Allison Pynn, by wedding coodinator Katie McFarlan.

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Red Carpet Makeup Tips featured in Single Minded Women

2009 Interview with Perfectify Magazine

Story by Lisa Weeden

How long have you been doing make-up?
10 + years

When did you know that make-up was your destiny?
Growing up, becoming a professional makeup artist never dawned on me.  I have been doing makeup since I was 4 years old (practicing on everyone from my twin sister to my grandpa *he MUST have loved me!*). I became obsessed with trying different looks on every type of skin tone & always paid attention to women. I studied what made women beautiful, what makeup worked on some women & not on others, & what the differences were.  I did it for fun, not because I thought it would go anywhere, I just loved the art of it.  After high school, I got an art scholarship & majored in Fine Arts in school.  I painted murals & thought I would make a living as a professional muralist or gallery artist. However, I continued to do makeup on anyone that would sit down for me. I started making a little money from it on the side and then when the 100th person suggested I do this for a living, it finally clicked! I started networking at that point & had incredible luck right away.  I’ve been a full time, freelance makeup artist ever since!

Another obsession of mine is bodypainting.  Bodypainting is an incredible outlet for my “inner artist”! I love painting clothes, swim suits, murals, & lingerie on women’s bodies.  I often bodypaint for photo shoots, special events, & charities.

Where are you from?
I was born in AZ, but was raised on a farm in Indiana. I moved back to AZ in 1998 & am now happily married with 2 kids.

What do you try to accomplish with each client?
Every time I see someone (even on the street), I know exactly what I would do to them if they were in my chair!  I ask for trust & collaborate with my client to create a look that is within their comfort zone, but makes them look/feel better than they’ve ever looked before!  I need my client to be amazed & feel worthy of a magazine cover every time!

What was your first make up job?
My first “official” makeup job was a wedding…I was horrible at the business end of the job (didn’t charge enough, almost forgot to get paid at all! etc…).  I thought, these people are going to PAY ME for doing their makeup & hair, are you kidding??!! I felt like I was getting away with something and nobody knew it!  It was such a high…and I’ve been on that high ever since!

What has been your greatest accomplishment in being a make-up artist?
Every makeup artist loves the reaction from making someone feel beautiful.  We all love to do celebrities & working with people who appreciate our art.  I have to say though, the biggest accomplishment (most gratifying experience) I’ve had as a makeup artist was a few years ago…we were shooting a local editorial cover & the lady I was working with was a cancer survivor.  It felt great to make her look beautiful, I applied false eyelashes (hers were gone), filled in a natural-looking brow line, & made her look fabulous.  The very best part though was, while she was shooting, her husband came up to me with tears in his eyes and gave me the most genuine ‘thank you’ I have ever received.  He hugged me & said he had never seen his wife so beautiful & how much it meant to him to see her feel good after years of being so sick.  I cried, it was an amazing gift to give someone!